How do you know if you’re ready to take the NPTE Exam?

You did well in school, know the material, and have been studying hard for the NPTE Exam, but are you ready to take it? Every PT student is different of course but here’s how you’ll know if you’re ready to take the NPTE.

How do you determine if you’re ready for the NPTE

Part of Dr. Rice’s proven approach to NPTE test prep success is setting a “ready status” on day one. This strategy helps PT students determine which goals they’ll need to accomplish in order to be prepared to take the NPTE Exam, the work they’ll need to put in to achieve those goals, and helps to build the confidence in the student that they know the answers to NPTE Exam questions.

You Set Your NPTE Exam Goals

Setting goals will not only help you to prepare and study for the NPTE, but also help you know when you’re ready to take the exam. Set your goals and then do the work! Finally, ask yourself, “What were the goals I set for myself at the very beginning of my NPTE journey?” At the PT Hustle, our approach is to set a “NPTE ready status” on day one of our NPTE Exam course programs . This helps you determine what goals you feel you need to meet in order to be ready to take the NPTE Exam. 

You Put In The Hours

You’ll know you are ready to take the NPTE Exam after you’ve put in the work. If you’ve spent days, weeks, and months getting organized, studying, taking practice tests, and can look at yourself in the mirror and honestly think, “I put in the hours, I don’t need to cram, I am ready to take and pass the NPTE Exam,” then you’re ready! Check out my recent ‘How To Prepare in the Last Week Before the Exam’ article.

You Achieved Your Goals

You cannot achieve a goal that you haven’t set! After determining what your goals are, on your own or through a PT Hustle program, then you can set out to achieve them. And once you get to that point, that’s when you know you’re ready for the NPTE! 

Your PEAT Exam Score

Another way to know if you’re ready to take the NPTE Exam is to check out your score on the PEAT exam. A whopping 93% of people who pass the PEAT will go on to pass the NPTE, so if your practice score was good, you’re more than likely ready for the NPTE Exam.

You Know The Answers

It may seem obvious, but you’re ready to take the NPTE when you know the answers to the questions that will be on the test. This means that you not only know the material but also the most common topics to show up on the exam as well as the questions and, most importantly, the answers to those questions. Knowing the answers means you’re ready to take, and ready to dominate the NPTE Exam!

You’re Confident

Are you still anxious when taking a practice exam? Do you stress over your weakest subjects? If so, you may not be quite ready to take the NPTE Exam…not yet, but you will get there and we can help! To get over the line and to get the boost of confidence you need to dominate the NPTE, consider signing for PT Hustle’s NPTE PASS SYSTEM for help in passing the exam with ease.

If you need personalized, one-on-one coaching  to get you organized, identify your weaknesses, learn how to study and retain the NPTE Exam material, and have your confidence boosted, the PT Hustle is here to get you ready to take, pass, and dominate the NPTE!