How to Deal with Peer Pressure During NPTE Prep

Some people believe that peer pressure no longer has a hold on us once we grow up and move out into the world. I wish! Unfortunately, peer pressure lingers far beyond youth. It even impacts my students’ NPTE prep!

One of the major problems we face, whether we’re 18 or 48, is succumbing to the temptation of peer pressure. I believe that it’s one of the reasons some people never live up to the level of greatness inside them. Maybe you feel the weight of peer pressure too and have become so comfortable with other people’s opinions that you no longer value your own. Have the positive, forward-thinking thoughts you once had been drowned out by external noise and doubt? Believe it or not, this can seep into your NPTE prep and throw you off your game.

How To Deal With Peer Pressure During NPTE Prep

As you study for the NPTE, you will be focused on PT topics, practice tests and retaining information but that’s only part of the puzzle to dominating your NPTE exam. You must also focus on not surrendering to peer pressure. Your friends are going to be saying, “Come out and have fun tonight!” And I also know that your well-meaning friends are probably saying,  “You study too much,” and “Just take the exam already!”

You need to fend off the temptation to go with their flow, choosing instead to be strong and steadfast in your quest for success. You have a bigger purpose than just having fun right now. At times, it’s going to be difficult to say no to your peers, difficult to swap dinners and nights out for books and practice tests, but you’re on a mission to prepare for and dominate the NPTE. You are working hard to start your physical therapist career!

Here’s what I want you to remember: you are in control of your life!

Therefore, you need to trust yourself and follow your instincts as you prepare for the NPTE.

Follow Your Instincts

It seems like overcoming peer pressure is easier said than done. You have this big exam to take and NPTE prep is dominating your time, energy and focus, but you also have people in your corner who are telling you to take the exam now. Your parents, your school, and your peers might think you’re ready. But only you will know when you’re ready to dominate the NPTE.

I’m here to tell you that you must stand on your own two feet and decide to follow your instincts. You have to trust yourself enough to know whether you’re truly ready for the exam or not.

This too is part of your NPTE prep!

Because in order to be the best clinician, you must strengthen your decision making. This means deciding between taking the exam because you know you’re ready or taking it because other people feel you are. Remember, this is your future! What’s best for someone else may not necessarily be best for you. Stick to your gut, follow your instincts, and complete the NPTE prep you need to be confident in your ability to pass the exam and start your PT life!

Good Decision Making Today Will Make You A Better Doctor Tomorrow

Remember that after you pass your NPTE exam, you will be a doctor, a highly skilled health professional and decision maker. The pattern of decision making you exhibit today will follow you into the clinic and make you a better doctor tomorrow. After all, how can you expect to treat patients if you don’t trust your own intuition? The blind cannot lead the blind, and sheep can’t lead the shepherd. You have to step up and take control, and make today the last day you allow others to dictate your life. Prove to yourself that you deserve to be a doctor by practicing good habits now during your NPTE prep.

In the words of author Shannon Alder, “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” Be confident in your decision making, go dominate the NPTE and make this world a better place!

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