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It’s Time To Pass The NPTE

If you know the material, but want to focus on the best test-taking strategy, this is the program you need. Focused solely on the NPTE test-taking component, this course provides the score and confidence boost you need before taking the PT exam. This easy-to follow online NPTE prep course can help you increase your score by 10-50%.

We know how to help you stop overthinking the answers. Go inside the test creator’s mind so you can understand the questions asked and select the right answer.

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Refund Policy

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee, as long as you have not gone through more than 10% of the course.

Success Stories

“Kyle brings that drive and motivation and his positive attitude and that really helps to give me the confidence that I needed and decreased my anxiety tremendously.  I’m grateful to have found the Pass System!” 

—Dr. Arjelle Lawrence 

“It was exactly what I needed in terms of prepping for this exam in order to answer each question thoroughly and correctly and confidently as well! [the Pass System] gave me that structure that I needed in order to succeed and do well. “

—Dr. Emily Bremmer 

Dominate the NPTE.

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