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NPTE Coaching Program

Do you struggle with test-taking? Do you have a failed NPTE exam (or three) in your past? If so, the NPTE Coaching Program is for you. Our hands-on program guides you through the whole process, starting with access to live weekly workshops with Dr. Kyle Rice, aka “Coach K.” You’ll get engaging lectures, cheat sheets, NPTE exam guides and more — all on your schedule — so it’s great whether you’re taking the NPTE next month or next year.

NPTE Pass System

If you know the material, but still have a hard time selecting the right answer, this course is for you. Focused solely on the NPTE test-taking component, this course provides the score and confidence boost you need before taking the PT exam.

Live Coaching vs. Independent Prep: Comparing Courses

Sharpen Your
Test-Taking Skills with the NPTE Pass System

You have the knowledge you need to practice physical therapy, but you need a confidence boost when it comes to test-taking.

Designed specifically for students who would consider themselves “bad test takers” and students who tend to struggle on exams, this independent study course offers the strategies you need to choose the right answers on the NPTE exam.



PT Hustle PASS System

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