NPTE Prep: Why I Made My Mission Helping You Pass the PT Exam

I failed 13 standardized exams in high school and college. By the time I got to physical therapy (PT) school, I’d accepted my fate: I was an awful test taker, and that wasn’t going to change. So when I realized there was yet another standardized exam — the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) — standing in my way, I was so afraid. 

I knew my goal was to be a licensed physical therapist and to be the best orthopedic clinician out there, but I had no clue how to pass that licensure exam. I’d tried so many times in the past to improve my scores, but I still couldn’t pass. Review courses, practice tests, reading textbooks cover to cover — it just didn’t work for me. I didn’t know what my problem was or how to fix it, but I knew I had to do something different if I wanted to finally pass the PT exam. 

The turning point

During my search for a solution, something amazing happened. A friend told me about the importance of mindset and strategy. As we talked, it became crystal clear to me that I didn’t need to waste any more time trying to gain knowledge; I already had knowledge. What I didn’t have was the right mindset or test-taking strategies. I had 14 months to prepare for the NPTE, and I decided to get serious in an entirely new way. 

I started studying the academic and application side of PT. I spent months learning about standardized exams and what influences scores. Everything I found suggested that a non-traditional approach was the key to a high score. Test-taking strategies, endurance building, confidence, mindset training — I needed these skills, and I spent the next year developing them. I created an NPTE prep course for myself, not thinking it would ever go farther than just helping me pass. 

The PT exam

After 14 months, I took the NPTE. I got a perfect score. I was shocked (and exhausted!) and very, very grateful. In the end, I’d been able to transform my story from failing literally every standardized exam I took into achieving a perfect score of 800 on the most important exam of my life. I’d overcome the thing that was keeping me from becoming a physical therapist, and, honestly, from becoming the person I wanted to be. That’s when I decided I wanted to help PT students just like me pass the NPTE. 

The plan

I called my mission The PT Hustle. The PT part is obvious, but the Hustle is just as important. It takes hustle to change your mindset and overcome what’s stopping you. You have to be willing to work hard. My guess is that if you’re reading this, you probably are. 

As a proactive person, my biggest problem when I was trying to pass the NPTE was that I couldn’t find anyone to give me the structure and direction I needed. I kept thinking, “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it!” But there was no one to tell me. That’s why I’m here now. I want to help students like me who have the knowledge but struggle with confidence, anxiety and especially past failures to get past the exam and start their careers. 

The results

It’s been 6 years since I started helping PT students across the country. Today, I’m thrilled to say that I’ve helped more than 5,000 students achieve a 700 or higher on their NPTE, even if they’ve failed before. It’s become my life’s mission, and I couldn’t be happier giving people the tools they need to start living the life they want. 

Who are my courses for?

My original course — the NPTE Coaching Program — isn’t for everyone. (But don’t worry; we have other options that probably are. Keep scrolling.) 

The PT Hustle Coaching Program is for a student who:

  • Does well when given direction and structure
  • Has difficulty with standardized or written tests
  • Feels anxious and is unsure of how to prepare for the NPTE
  • Says “There’s too much to study and not enough time”
  • Fears taking the NPTE because of the possibility of failing

What do you get with the Coaching Program? 

In short, you get everything I would have liked to have when taking the PT exam myself. That includes:

  • Step-by-step instruction through the entire NPTE process
  • Lectures held via Zoom webinar
  • Weekly focus areas include: accountability, developing a solid study plan, overcoming anxiety and developing a winning test strategy.
  • An accountability partner and study team
  • 24/7 access to the online course platform (until you pass)

What other courses are available?

Learn more.

NPTE Pass System

If you know the material, but still have a hard time selecting the right answer, this course is for you. Focused solely on the NPTE test-taking component, this course provides the score and confidence boost you need 4-6 weeks before taking the PT exam.  

Learn more.

Are there any guarantees? 

Yes. I want you to pass the NPTE, and most of my students do. 

But if you don’t pass, that’s not the end of your story. You get a complimentary 30-minute recovery and replanning session with me so we can figure out next steps and you will continue to have access to everything inside the course platform until you do pass the NPTE. You can also get your money back within 7 days if you start my course and aren’t satisfied. 

What now?

Check out The PT Hustle resources page to learn more about our programs and courses or contact me with questions. I hope to hear from you soon. 


Dr. Kyle Rice, aka “Coach K”