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Practice Exams

50 questions covered | $59
Review the top NPTE practice questions and detailed answers from all areas of the PT exam. Dr. Kyle Rice has created 50 high-quality practice questions with detailed rationales. Now you can answer questions from all areas tested on the NPTE.

Prep Secrets eBook

Immediate Download | $97
Forget studying an entire book! Dr. Rice reveals the topics that count on the NPTE exam. He’s narrowed down the list of the most common topics to show up for the exam in the eBook, NPTE Prep Secrets Hitlist.


Cardiopulmonary Lectures

Over 19 hours of lectures | $247

Need to focus on cardiopulmonary? In this 19+ hour lecture series, Coach K takes you through the cardiopulmonary topics you need to help you improve your points in this section.

Musculoskeletal Lectures

Over 24 hours of lectures | $329

Need to focus on boosting points specifically in Musculoskeletal? This lecture pack features 24+ hours of lectures from Dr. Rice to help you dominate this section of the NPTE.

Neuromuscular Lectures

Over 21 hours of lectures | $299

Access 21+ hours of Dr. Rice’s Neuromuscular lecture series. These full length lectures will help you focus and prepare to increase your score on this section of the NPTE exam.

Other/Non-Systems Lectures

Over 18 hours of lectures | $189

Access lectures that focus on other systems and non-systems from Coach K. This pack offers 18+ hours of lessons to help boost your confidence and score on the PT exam.

All Systems Lectures

Over 83 hours of lectures | $999

Need help in all areas but can’t dedicate the time needed for our courses? Access 83+ hours of Coach K’s lectures from his coaching programs to watch on your own time.

NPTE Clinical Files Podcast

In each episode, Dr. Rice takes you through true clinical scenarios in the form of NPTE practice questions and provides a deeper understanding of the answers.