NPTE Success: Why One PT Student Calls the PT Hustle a Game Changer

Dominating the NPTE isn’t simply about studying and understanding the material. Knowing how to study and what to study in order to strengthen your weaknesses before the test can be the difference between a passing score and prepping to take the NPTE again. Dr. Salvador Abiera credits Dr. Rice and the game changing NPTE Coaching Program with not only helping him pass the exam with flying colors but also in him becoming a lifelong learner. Here’s how Dr. Abiera describes his PT Hustle experience.

Q&A with Dr. Salvador Abiera

1. What was your preparation like before you started the Coaching Program?

Before the NPTE Prep Success Coaching Program, I simply didn’t know how to study. I wound up doing what a lot of my PT student classmates did, making flash cards from the Therapy Ed and Scorebuilders text books. I’d read the books cover to cover, take notes, and review them over and over again but at the end of the day, it was just memorization without a plan.

2. What was your experience like in the Coaching Program?

The Coaching Program is so well organized! As soon as I started, I could see modules and the whole program broken down week by week for the three months I’d be studying for the NPTE. During the first two weeks, I set up a study plan and figured out my weaknesses. Setting that in stone helped me understand exactly what I needed to focus my studies on during the coaching program. I also loved having an accountability partner and a group of other PT students to study with. Having people around me that were going through the same thing was so helpful, and also transformative in how I studied for the exam.

3. What was one game changer you learned during PT exam prep with The PT Hustle?

One game changer that I learned in the course was how to study efficiently. I was really arrogant when I first started to study for the NPTE, thinking I could just see something once or twice and really understand. I used to think that I could just memorize facts and understand the subject. The Coaching Program taught me how to break things down into fundamentals and to ask myself, “Do I understand this?” and then work through it all with other people. This is how real learning happens. It’s a true game changer for any PT student. I’m going to use the lessons I learned in this course for the rest of my life, and be a life-long learner. I’ll never stop giving thanks to Coach K for teaching me this.

4. What was it like working with Coach K to pass the PT exam?

Coach K’s energy is infectious! He’s an amazing coach who can get any PT student fired up and ready to learn. Dr. Rice is a great communicator and makes things really easy to understand. After his lectures, I felt like I knew the fundamentals of what I was studying. Working with Coach K gave me crazy confidence going into the NPTE. 

5. Was the Coaching Program worth the investment?

The big question always asked is, “Is the program really worth it?” The best thing you can do with your money and energy is to invest in yourself and so I can say with 100% certainty that the NPTE Coaching Program is worth every cent I invested in it. The program helped me become humble, learn better communication skills, understand the fundamentals of PT, how to properly study, and retain information for the long term. The big plus is that I passed and not just passed — I passed by over 100 points! Even if you’re not struggling with the material, this coaching program is a great way to solidify your PT knowledge and go into your NPTE feeling like a lion – ready to dominate the NPTE!

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