What You Need to Hear Before Taking the NPTE

If you’re about to take the NPTE or are re-taking the NPTE, you probably know which topics you’ll struggle with. Because despite how many hours you spend studying, standardized testing is always anxiety-inducing. But here’s the thing: You’re not alone! 

Coach K has been where you are — and knows all about imposter syndrome. He’s taken the NPTE, attended PT school and fought the nervousness that comes with test-taking. (In fact, he was once in the bottom 10% of standardized test-takers.) So more than anyone, he understands feeling like a fraud and questioning whether you’re even qualified to be a physical therapist. 

By now you’re asking, “Okay, so what was his trick for success?” Well, it’s all about the mindset! 

Whether you’re taking the NPTE in a week, a month, even six months, here are two key pieces of advice that will change your thinking, raise your score for the better — and help you CRUSH the NPTE with confidence. 

2 Things to Know to Help You Pass the NPTE Exam

#1. Whatever you put your attention on gets magnified. 

Feels like a no-brainer, right? Like Coach K., if you’ve struggled with NPTE practice exams, it’s likely because you’re overwhelmed as soon as you reach a difficult question. Maybe the question is worded in a very analytical way, requiring more interpretation and time to break it down. 

As soon as you spot a question with an unfamiliar topic, you already assume you’ll struggle. You might select an answer, but you don’t really feel confident it’s correct. Then, before you know it, you’ve entered a vicious cycle that continues throughout the rest of the NPTE practice exam. Or worse, the actual NPTE. 

See, what you focus on becomes magnified. You’re training your brain to assume the negative. 

When it comes to the NPTE, if you focus on what you don’t know, your brain automatically zeros in on the things that you didn’t study. 

So what do you do? Learn to reverse the strategy. Ask, What do I know about this? Begin each question by examining what you do know. This not only gives you a certain level of confidence, but also rewires your brain to become hyper-focused on the knowledge you’ve already retained. 

#2. If you don’t know it, the people around you don’t either. 

Seriously, don’t assume everyone else in the room has all the info. Anytime Coach K. took a practice exam, like the PEAT, TherapyEd, or ScoreBuilders, he would constantly beat himself up, thinking he wasn’t smart enough. 

Moreover, after receiving the score report, he’d get so frustrated and immediately shut down his laptop. (Anyone relate?) By doing this, he unknowingly set himself up to fail. He’d become so apathetic and assume one question would cause him to fail the entire NPTE or NPTE practice exam. 

Thankfully, Coach K stumbled across author T.D. Jakes, who used the illustration of a Bible story to alter his thinking. In one passage, Jesus is traveling in a boat across the sea with His disciples, during which time they encounter a heavy storm. Somehow Jesus has managed to stay asleep while His disciples are filled with fear. And when he wakes, he assures them there’s no reason to be anxious — because their faith will carry them through. To quote T.D. Jakes, “Ships don’t sink because of the water around them; they only go down when what’s around them gets in!” 

For Coach K, this was the “aha” moment. When taking his practice exams, he realized he was letting all the “water” in, and once again, allowing negativity to rule his mindset. By letting negativity and bad thoughts enter our minds, we will fail. 

So here’s the question for you: Have you taken an NPTE practice exam or NPTE and allowed “water” to flood your boat? Have you looked for ways to bring yourself down? This is your opportunity to take control of the situation. This is when you choose faith over fear, when you don’t sabotage yourself — and when you remain confident in your ability to pass the NPTE exam! 

Discover the Best NPTE Exam Strategy 

Let’s recap on our two pieces of advice. First, focus on what you do know and allow that positivity to be magnified. Secondly, boats don’t sink because of the water around them; they sink because of the water or negativity you let in

Take these pointers and apply them during your next NPTE practice exam or as you prep for the NPTE. Make a pact with yourself to stay positive — and believe you will dominate the NPTE. Hopefully, Coach K’s mistakes will benefit you, show you how to believe in yourself and ultimately tackle the NPTE with absolute confidence. 

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