PT Exam Prep: Which NPTE Course is Right For You?

Maybe you were not successful on your first attempt at the PT exam and you want help to ensure your success the next time. Or maybe you’ve struggled with standardized tests in the past and are worried about failing the PT exam. Thankfully, you are not defined by your failure but by your response to it. The PT Hustle will help you respond with success!

No matter what typeof PT student you are, The PT Hustle has a course designed specifically for you. You can get dedicated one-on-one coaching from Dr. Kyle Rice [insert link to Dr. Rice’s bio here], or “Coach K”, if you need it, flexible independent study to fit into your busy schedule, or receive a boost of test-taking confidence that will help you pass the PT exam, the first time or the next time.

Which NPTE Course is Right For You?

Here’s a closer look at the three programs Coach K offers through the PT Hustle to help you decide which proven NPTE course is the best fit to help you pass your PT exam.

Live Coaching Program

This flagship PT Hustle course is the #1 NPTE test-taking strategy program, and is designed for students who’ve failed the PT exam. Once enrolled in the Live Coaching Program you’ll be on a proven path to retake and pass the exam by receiving live one-on-one coaching from Dr. Rice over an intensive 12-week period though Zoom tutoring and a 3-month subscription to Daily Instant Message Service (voice or text) for direct access to Coach K . This high-energy NPTE course, which is limited to just 75 students at a time, is personalized and tailored to you and your needs, and provides a structured, step-by-step, moment-by-moment path to your PT success. Access to PT Hustle’s NPTE Pass System is included!

The Live Coaching Program is a fit for the PT student who:
● Needs a structured NPTE course program
● Is willing and able to dedicate at least 30 hours every week to study
● Wants personalized one-on-one coaching
● Would benefit from an individualized PT exam study plan and calendar
● Enjoys live, high-energy lectures
● Wants to not only learn but retain knowledge
● Has struggled in the past taking standardized tests
● Wants to dominate the PT exam
● And, is ready to start making their physical therapist salary!

Independent Prep Program

The PT Hustle Independent Prep Program is an online PT exam course for physical therapy students eager to take and ace their PT exam! With this program you’ll gain confidence in your test-taking ability while also gaining and retaining NPTE related knowledge, all while enjoying the flexibility of independent study that fits your busy life and schedule. The Independent Prep Program will have you ready to pass the NPTE in less than 12 weeks without studying for more than 4 hours a day!
The Independent Prep Program is a fit for the PT student who:
● Has a busy work/life schedule
● Can commit up to 4 hours a day to studying for the PT exam
● Wants to watch and learn from Dr. Rice’s engaging high-energy lectures
● Enjoys structured but flexible, independent learning
● Wants an organized and individualized NPTE study plan and calendar
● Is looking to gain confidence in their test-taking ability
● Wants to understand and apply PT concepts not just memorize information
● And, is excited to pass the PT exam and begin their physical therapy career!

NPTE Pass System

Some PT students won’t need a full, 12-week PT Hustle program to prepare for the NPTE. If you know the material but still struggle to select the correct answers, or are stressed out over taking the PT exam, this is the program that will put all that anxiety to rest. The NPTE Pass System is an easy-to-follow online course focused solely on the NPTE test-taking component that will boost your confidence while teaching you how to increase your practice exam scores by 10%-50% in just minutes a day.

The NPTE Pass System is a fit for the PT student who:

● Knows their stuff, but is worried about taking the PT exam
● Needs a confidence boost before sitting for the NPTE
● Is looking to increase their NPTE scores
● Has anxiety about taking tests
● Can dedicate 25 minutes a day to getting ready for the PT exam
● Is ready to stop overthinking the NPTE
● Will be taking their PT exam in the next 4-6 weeks
● And, wants to dominate the exam and become a physical therapist!

Each of the three PT Hustle NPTE courses will instill in you the knowledge, confidence and test-taking skills you’ll need to dominate the PT exam and get started with your PT career. Sign up for an NPTE course today! [insert link here]

Dominate the NPTE

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