Standardized Test Taking Strategies for PT Students

For many PT students, the difference between passing and failing the NPTE often lies not in the amount of knowledge learned and retained, but in whether or not they have proven standardized test taking strategies to dominate their PT exam.

The NPTE Pass System is PT Hustle’s program that will teach you how to score better on your NPTE practice questions, boost your confidence ahead of the PT exam itself, and help you to pass the NPTE with a score of 700 or higher. This system is a proven success, with over 530 PT students having already used it to pass their NPTE!

Standardized Test Taking Strategies for PT Students

The first step to seeking standardized test taking strategies is for PT students is to recognize that they need help taking standardized tests. This is a massive self-reflective mental hurdle that must be cleared before successfully dominating your PT exam. You can have all of the information stored away in your brain, after years of school and answering countless NPTE practice questions, but the anxiety inherent in taking the PT exam demands that you have a proven strategy, and a proven coach in your corner. In PT Hustle’s NPTE Pass System, you have both!

Benefits of the NPTE Pass System

● A proven, successful system of standardized test taking strategies
● Focused solely on the NPTE test-taking component
● See a 10-50% increase in exam scores
● Receive a significant confidence boost ahead of the exam
● Learn standardized test taking strategies through an easy-to follow online NPTE prep course
● Stop overthinking the answers
● Only 25 minutes per day time commitment needed (if 6 weeks out from exam day)
● Over 75 NPTE practice questions reviewed in detail
● Coach K walking you through each step
● Go inside the PT exam creator’s mind to better understand the questions
● Access 12 hours of Dr. Rice’s top 10 lectures

The “Building a Machine” Standardized Test Taking Approach

After 13 failed standardized tests, Dr. Rice understood better than anyone that knowledge alone wasn’t enough. He felt defeated but didn’t give up on his dream of becoming a physical therapist. Instead of throwing in the towel, Dr. Rice, aka Coach K, altered his approach and in doing so developed a new system centered around what he called ‘building a machine’. This was a new way of looking at test taking. He built a test taking strategy framework that takes the guesswork out of it, that allows you to be precise, calculated, and consistent (like a test taking machine), every single time!After acing his PT exam with a perfect 800 score he determined that Machine Framework + NPTE Knowledge = Dominating the exam!

Today, over 530 PT students are now working as physical therapists because of his standardized test taking strategies. And you can too! Start earning your PT salary while helping patients, after learning what ‘Building a Machine’ can do to help you dominate the NPTE.

What Dr. Rice’s ‘Machine’ Does for PT Students

● More correct answers to NPTE practice questions
● No more ‘stupid mistakes’
● Learn how to apply knowledge to every type of question
● Eliminate second guessing
● Eliminate overthinking
● Wave goodbye to test taking anxiety
● Never again be intimidated by the NPTE
● Gives a step-by-step shortcut to scoring 700+ on the NPTE

Are you ready to receive Dr. Rice’s standardized test taking strategies? Sign up for PT Hustle’s NPTE Pass System today! 

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