Student Story: Dr. Rachel Masciarelli’s PT Hustle NPTE Prep Experience

Not everyone is a great test-taker, and that’s okay. Dr. Rachel Masciarelli had struggled with standardized tests in the past too so she understood that knowing the material was only a portion of the NPTE prep puzzle. After spending hours reading and rereading books, she found Dr. Rice’s podcast and knew the Coaching Program would help her be “golden” come NPTE Exam time. Discover Dr. Masciarelli’s three game changers learned during the program and how the PT Hustle helped her pass the NPTE and start her life as a physical therapist.

Q&A with Dr. Rachel Masciarelli

1. What was your preparation like before you started the Coaching Program?

My NPTE preparation before the Coaching Program was pretty much just going through my Therapy Ed book, reading it as much as I could, usually 2-3 hours a day. I started to listen to Coach K’s podcast too, every day at the gym and on my way to work. That podcast is how I knew I wanted to start the PT Hustle Coaching Program. I knew how much I was learning just from the podcast so I knew that I was going to be golden, and pass the test!

2. What was your experience like in the Coaching Program?

The Coaching Program was hard and challenging, but also amazing and fulfilling! I have done a lot of prep courses because I’m not the best test taker but this was different. This isn’t just your average prep course, this is something that’s going to change you forever! First and foremost, you will have Dr. Rice in your corner but also, other people alongside you who are going through the same thing, asking the same questions. They will motivate you, challenge you, and help you. This is something you don’t normally get in a prep class, but you’re not just getting a NPTE prep course, you are getting a family and a community, and that feels awesome. The PT Hustle Coaching Program is one of a kind!

3. What was one game changer you learned during PT exam prep with The PT Hustle?

There are three game changers I learned that helped me dominate the NPTE! First, I learned how to retain information long term. Dr. Rice gives you an easy way to structure detailed, hardcore information to be able to retain it. That’s a game changer! It’s a simple algorithm that you learn going through the program and you’ll wonder, “why haven’t I been learning like this my entire life!” The second game changer is called the pathology checklist. This is a structured piece of information that Dr. Rice gives you that helps you attack the big, daunting pathologies we all learn about in PT school but really need to hone in on for the NPTE. It’s not just learning, but retaining, applying, analyzing, questioning, and setting up your mentality for success. It’s huge! The online learning community I was given is the third game changer. I never thought it would be cool or something I would be interested in doing, studying with people online, but it made the biggest difference. I learned how to group study and it was mind blowing how helpful it was.

4. What was it like working with Coach K to pass the PT exam?

Working with Coach K was simply amazing. He’s a life coach, mentor, and friend — he is everything! Dr. Rice wants the best for you and you really feel that, you feel his heart in everything he does. This is his purpose in life and you understand that when you go through the NPTE prep class.

5. Was the Coaching Program worth the investment?

Yes! This is a huge investment but if you don’t want to take the NPTE more than once, sign up, bite the bullet, pay the money, and be done with it. That’s it. Think about all that you’ll gain and think about this: your first PT check will knock this bill on its butt!

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