Student Success: How PT Hustle Set Dr. Courtney Carlson Up to Dominate the NPTE

Dr. Courtney Carlson was struggling with studying on her own for the NPTE, sitting for hours and not even remembering which concepts she was preparing for. Thankfully, she found Dr. Rice (aka Coach K) and the PT Hustle, enrolled in the NPTE Prep Success Coaching Program, and then dominated the NPTE. Dr. Carlson credits Coach K and his prep program with not only helping launch her physical therapist career but also changing her entire outlook on life.

Q&A with Dr. Courtney Carlson

1. What was your preparation like before you started the Coaching Program?

My preparation for the NPTE Prep Success course was so ineffective! I’d be sitting for up to five hours without a break, getting totally drained without even knowing what I had been studying. I got burned out within a month of studying like this for seven days a week — the routine made me not want to study anymore! Looking back, it’s no wonder I didn’t pass the first three times. I would not advise anyone prepare for the NPTE the way I did at first.

2. What was your experience like in the Coaching Program?

The Coaching Program is unbelievable! I have gained so many new friends and colleagues throughout the journey. Dr. Rice knows what he’s doing, what his purpose in life is, and he is such a great mentor. PT Hustle is his calling, his passion, and he’s putting it to good use with this Prep Success Program. I’d never before talked to other people who were studying the same material, about what concepts we are reviewing and just simply catching up as normal people living everyday life. The PT Hustle community is what set me up for success this time.

3. What was one game changer you learned during PT exam prep with The PT Hustle?

The one game changer I learned was to believe in myself and not be scared of the future. I had this big fear of failure and rejection, and even of success toward the end. I saw improvement and was doing great but then I started to overthink things and fear what I’ll do when I dominate the NPTE exam, and what my next steps will be. Thanks to Dr. Rice and his NPTE Prep Success Program, I learned how to believe in myself as a clinician and as a person. I now have a clear vision for myself and my future and that’s opening a lot of doors. I’m no longer selling myself short and I’m more open minded about things. This helps me see so much positivity in life.

4. What was it like working with Coach K to pass the PT exam?

He is amazing! Coach K is blessed beyond measure with gifts, intelligence and passion. He is able to help so many people — anyone and everyone! He’s there for you 24/7, and his optimism is contagious! You cannot help but feel happy. Working with him has been a life-changing experience during the program and still after I passed the PT exam.

5. Was the Coaching Program worth the investment?

If you are even a little bit on the fence, I say 100% to go for it! I have gained so many tools and skills not only as a clinician, as a physical therapist, but also as a person and what I want to do later in life. You’ll have so many doors opened up, with more paths available because you took the initiative to invest in yourself because you believe you will be a great physical therapist, and because Coach K coached you to success! If you’re struggling to get through this one final obstacle, I recommend this coaching program to help you get started with your PT career!

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