Success Stories: How The PT Hustle Prepared Dr. Aisha Shaifer for the PT Exam.

Retaining information for her PT exam was a challenge for Dr. Aisha Shaifer before the Coaching Program. Thanks to his style of coaching and the strategies for success taught by Dr. Rice, Dr. Shaifer describes how she’s still using Coach K’s Program during her work every day.

Q&A with Dr. Aisha Shaifer

1. What was your preparation like before you started the Coaching Program?

I took a PT exam during the semester before I graduated. It was designed to just ‘see where we were’ as a class, and I failed that miserably! I knew then that I needed help to get to where I wanted to be. I was listening to Dr. Rice’s podcast already and loved the way that he explained things and broke down the information. I found that I was able to retain the knowledge in a way that I never had before.

2. What was your experience like in the Coaching Program?

In short, it was awesome! I’d paid for and tried a different PT exam prep course first and it was disorganized and boring — I kept falling asleep! Coach K’s NPTE Prep Success Coaching Program however, is very structured, the lectures were great with contagious energy. It was very easy to learn because of the way he explains things with so much energy.

3. What was one game changer you learned during PT exam prep with The PT Hustle?

The strategies were a game changer for me. What he taught in the strategy playbook was stuff I never thought of before. When I would get stuck on a physical therapy exam question I would intuitively use those strategies and get the answers right.

4. What was it like working with Coach K to pass the PT exam?

He is amazing! He has a genuine care for his students and loves physical therapy. Coach K wants to help his students ace their PT exam, pursue their dreams, and fulfill their goals of becoming a physical therapist. I don’t know how Dr. Rice does it; he makes time for every student regardless of what he has going on, responds to comments on social media, dedicates one-on-one time with every one of his students, and has the right answers no matter what you ask him. He is legit and knows his stuff!

5. Was the Coaching Program worth the investment?

Yes! Because while the information I learned from him I also learned in school, I couldn’t retain any of it or apply it out of context. Now, whatever you ask me on a PT exam topic I’m able to apply the information he taught me and answer the questions correctly. I’m able to use everything I learned from the Coaching Program in the clinic too. And I’m still able to pull out all of the information whenever asked, so yes it was worth it! I learned so much from Dr. Rice.


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