Success Stories: How Dr. Megan Zanette Stayed Motivated to Pass the PT Exam

Preparing for the PT exam is a full-time job, so what do you do when you already have one of those?

Dr. Megan Zanette found herself facing that problem before she signed up for the Coaching Program. Here’s how she describes her experience.

Q&A with Dr. Megan Zanette, PT, DPT

1. What was your preparation like before you started the Coaching Program?

I was working full time, which was hard, and I had zero idea how to go about anything.

I really had no motivation after working. I would just try to cram anything I could from the textbook into my head. I didn’t talk through it with anybody.

2. What was your experience like in the Coaching Program?

Having somebody to just check in with you everyday — I never had that before.

From the accountability partner to the lectures, the experience was just amazing.

3. What was one game changer you learned during PT exam prep with The PT Hustle?

There are really a lot! But I’d say pacing, timing and making sure your mind is there the whole time.

4. What was it like working with Coach K to pass the PT exam?

When I started with The PT Hustle, I was really at a low.

I’d kind of turned away from God. I had no idea that Kyle was a Christian, and I feel like he has not only made me a PT, but he has made me a better Christian.

I can’t thank him enough for that.

5. Was the Coaching Program worth the investment?

The cost is like pocket change to me now that I’m a PT! It’s worth every single penny.


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