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What is The PT Hustle?

The PT Hustle is a specially designed holistic program for physical therapy students who struggle taking standardized tests. Created by Dr. Kyle Rice, aka “Coach K,” we remove the mental obstacles that are keeping you from passing the NPTE exam so you can finally achieve your dream and earn your Physical Therapy license.

Our NPTE Exam Prep Courses

NPTE Coaching Program

Ready to put all those failed NPTE exams behind you? Meet The NPTE Coaching Program. Get live weekly workshops, cheat sheets, dynamic lectures and full access to Coach K’s method for acing NPTE practice exams AND the real thing — all at your pace.

NPTE Pass System

If you know the material, but still have a hard time selecting the right answer, this course is for you. Focused solely on the NPTE test-taking component, this course provides the score and confidence boost you need before taking the PT exam.

Proven Results

“My journey with [Dr. Rice] has changed me and I will be forever grateful. If you’re a bad test taker, have failed the NPTE multiple times, or have test anxiety – this is the program for you. Thank you Dr. Rice!”
Dr. Lauren Orynawka, PT, DPT

NPTE Exam Study Guide & Tools


Access Dr. Rice’s lectures from his private coaching program to watch on your own time.


Forget studying an entire book! Dr. Rice reveals the topics that count on the NPTE exam.


Review 50 NPTE practice questions and detailed answers from all areas of the PT exam.

NPTE Exam Clinical Files Podcast

In each episode, Dr. Rice takes you through true clinical scenarios in the form of NPTE practice questions and provides a deeper understanding of the answers.

The PT Hustle Blog

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